101 Amazing Mythical Beasts and Legendary Creatures by Jack Goldstein

By Jack Goldstein

Do you know Hippogriff is supposedly the offspring of a horse and a griffin? Or Greek Sphinx as a rule has a male face, while an Egyptian one has a feminine visage? the place does the Skunk Ape roam, and the way are you able to spot a Kitsune in human shape? Is Slenderman the main scary legendary creature, or is that honour bestowed at the fearsome Gashadokuro? This significant publication comprises information of over 100 legendary beasts and mythical creatures, organised into different types for simple reference. no matter if you have an interest within the beasts of wherever from old Greece to modern day Africa, this is often the booklet for you!

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Sometimes even described as having wings (as if the other terrifying features weren’t enough) images of gorgons were often placed on temples and graves to ward away the dark forces of evil. 76. Hydra: specifically the Lernaean Hydra referred to in the labours of Heracles, this monster had multiple heads, of which should one be cut off, two would grow in its place. With such poisonous breath and blood that even its tracks could kill, the serpent-like creature guarded an entrance to the underworld.

66. Yacuruna: if you ever take a trip along the Amazon river, make sure you look out for the Yacuruna. According to the indigenous people of the region, these mythical water people are described as being similar to humans in their form, although their heads are backwards, they are hairier than normal and they have deformed feet. Often accompanied by a river serpent or riding on a crocodile, it is said they roam the rainforest at night, using their ability to turn into an attractive man to entice and capture their victims.

Not only does it possess this unusual ability, but it can also electrocute victims at will from a distance. Amazingly, this is another mythical beast referenced in this book for which many expeditions have set out attempting to locate it... It is thought that this creature could well exist! A Manticore And Finally... 101. Slenderman: some people will tell you that Slenderman is an invention of the internet - and as mythical creatures go, that would be quite interesting by itself. However, legends of a tall, thin skeletal figure have persisted for years across many cultures, even if they don’t have the abilities that current Slenderman mythos attributes - being able to cause Slender Sickness for instance.

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