A Concise Dictionary of Quran by Dr Abdul Azeez Abdul Raheem

By Dr Abdul Azeez Abdul Raheem

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Exceeding, increasing and may understand it fg. the one who remembers blow crushed fg. frail, flimsy its sides -71 hidden 13 of a doubtful birth 19 my book 16 soon we will brand him 21 a well-pleasing life 16 trunk, snout, nose 23 clusters 23 near at hand 24 (that are) gone days 25 pv. I was not given 26 I had not known and his kinsfolk, kindred [relatives] gives / will give him a shelter blazing fire, raging flame 16 in succession come you all! 19 9 a furious 19 18 like melted lead the calamity cruel, violent 17 8 sure reality 13 to pluck the fruits of ( the garden) they do not say “if Allah wills," make no exception one that encompasses / encircles -70 13 4 will protect ‫ === ر‬1/4 == -69 2 28 English 36 7 they persisted destruction, perdition, ruin === 1/2 === HALF JUZ === 1/2 === 28 -72 1 a group 3 the majesty 6 perversion 8 pv.

Those burdened / ladened English 34 -57 7 13 pp. made successors we may borrow 34 A Concise Dictionary of Qur'an 13 then seek 3 exile, migration 9 a wall, barrier 5 palm-tree 16 Is it not high time that ...? 6 you made expedition 20 and boasting 7 a circuit 20 and rivalry 9 malice, spite, need 9 poverty 9 give them preference 9 pv. ” 1 2 23 guardian 23 superb, possessing every greatness 6 free 3 wish to go back 7 you are at enmity 4 dl. two months 9 they backed up / helped 1 2 dl. they touch each other 10 examine them sixty 10 ni.

Eaten up, devoured 3 displeased 2 3 neither has forsaken you destitute, in need 2 tramp of a horse-foot 5 3 those raiding 7 4 then raised 3 4 clouds of dust 5 then penetrate forthwith 2 the abundance 6 ungrateful, ingrate 3 and sacrifice 3 cut off, one without posterity 8 9 10 11 ni. do not be harsh / oppress / coerce ni. do not chide / repulse so proclaim, speak -94 2 3 We removed / took off galled, weighed down heavily 7 you have finished 7 im. labor hard, toil [for worship] 8 im. turn with love -95 4 good stature, conformation, mold 5 We reduced him -96 3 the most bountiful 7 careless 8 return 15 forelock, forehead 17 his council, assembly 18 9 10 night of power / destiny 3/4 -THREE QUARTERS OF JUZ - 3/4 1 Who spread it 1 corrupts his ownself 3 those who abandon / depart -109 4 like moths -111 4 pp.

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