A Mosque in Munich: Nazis, the CIA, and the Rise of the by Ian Johnson

By Ian Johnson

Within the wake of the inside track that the 11th of September hijackers had lived in Europe, journalist Ian Johnson puzzled how this type of radical team may perhaps sink roots into Western soil. so much debts reached again 20 years, to U.S. help of Islamist warring parties in Afghanistan. yet Johnson dug deeper, to the beginning of the chilly struggle, uncovering the untold tale of a bunch of ex-Soviet Muslims who had defected to Germany in the course of global warfare II. There, they'd been formed right into a well-oiled anti-Soviet propaganda computer. As that battle ended and the chilly struggle all started, West German and U.S. intelligence brokers vied for keep an eye on of this influential crew, and on the heart of the covert tug of warfare was once a quiet mosque in Munich—radical Islam's first beachhead within the West.

Culled from an array of resources, together with newly declassified records, A Mosque in Munich interweaves the tales of a number of key gamers: a Nazi student became postwar spymaster; key Muslim leaders around the globe, together with participants of the Muslim Brotherhood; and naïve CIA males desirous to struggle communism with a brand new weapon, Islam. an extraordinary ground-level examine chilly warfare spying and a revelatory account of the West's first, disastrous come across with radical Islam, A Mosque in Munich is as eye-catching because it is essential to our knowing the errors we're nonetheless making in our dating with Islamists this present day.

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24 Then it will deal with nonextant titles on uŴūl al-sunna in the bio-bibliographical accounts. Lastly, the uses of this phrase in the diverse genres of Islamic intellectual literature are explored. UŴūl al-Sunna in the Genre of UŴūl al-Sunna The first known work with a title using the phrase uŴūl al-sunna is attributed to Abū Bakr al-ĵumaydī (219/834), who was known as a pupil of Sufyān b. 25 In his treatise, al-ĵumaydī covers the following topics: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● belief (īmān) in predestination (qadar), increase and decrease in belief, respect for all of the companions, the nature of the Qurʾān as the word of God, the vision of God in the hereafter, the proof of the attributes of God, the difference between ahl al-sunna and al-khawārij on the excommunication of a major sinner, the pillars of Islam and the situation of abandoning them, and theological opinions of Sufyān b.

This is why the practices and traditions that emerged within the first few generations of Muslims represent the true religion. In order to follow the true religion, therefore, the people who come any time after the first generation should imitate (ittibā‘) these early Muslims by sticking to the sound narrations (ŴaĶīĶ Ķadīth) that reportedly go back to them regarding what they believed and how they practiced all the aspects of Islam. 24 Then it will deal with nonextant titles on uŴūl al-sunna in the bio-bibliographical accounts.

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