African Mythology A to Z, 2nd Edition by Patricia Ann Lynch, Jeremy Roberts

By Patricia Ann Lynch, Jeremy Roberts

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Musokoroni severed the cord, in order to escape Bemba’s rules forever. When Bemba found out, he created a second set of twins, Faro and her brother Koni, and sent them down to Earth in a golden canoe. Bemba hoped they would be a good influence on the first set of twins. But their arrival only made Musokoroni jealous. She began to infect humans with her wildness, enticing them to have sex with her, then destroying them and their villages. Not knowing how else to stop Musokoroni, Bemba sent a flood to drown her and cleanse the Earth of disorder.

Ancestral spirits were usually seen as spiritual guardians who protected the community against enemies. People expected ancestral spirits to continually guard the living. The Zulu of South Africa invoked the help of the spirit world by calling on the amadlozi, the ancestors of the Zulu people. Ancestral spirits known as ombwiri (or ombuiri) functioned as guardians for a number of ethnic groups in Central Africa, particularly in Gabon. The ombwiri took a personal interest in the affairs of their descendants.

He continued his revolt until he was finally defeated at Fort Kutama. Seriously wounded during the battle, he died soon afterward. Despite their enmity, al-Mansur respected Abu Yazid for his bravery. After Abu Yazid’s death, al-Mansur took care of all of his family. Adroa Lugbara (Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Uganda) The Supreme God and Creator, who—like many other African gods—had two aspects. He was, therefore, in effect two gods: Adroa and Adro. Adroa (or Adronga) was the sky god.

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