African Percussion: The Djembe with Cd (African Percussion) by Serge Blanc

By Serge Blanc

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Ethnic group, played throughout the This rhythm is mainly played by young pubescentgirls to celebrate good harvests. In Guinea, this rhythm is also called denadon. uaw °9oso~ol ~lnMUOUO)l OAOWOW uogwol CWO)! OSO)! uOPO)! uoln~olog 'v'ssno~nO)l 'v'N 'v' I 0 N'v'W UD9wDl DWO)! DSD)! H oBopo)! o)! os ~ uoloBoS 9puel °loy) °°9 °9wo~01 nl>lncawil UOPOPO)! uo6oS °9W°'a 9~O)! P U! ssod ~SlnO:) JO S! I~W U! un U! P'dllilli! U! J 'dq~ U! :Juo;) gH ""spueq : pgne;) S! m --. mq:JAq1 gq:J S! g;)Uep . ;)gld Alqe:'{lemg1 -'d1d'd1 ~SOlli 'dq~ S!

It is given by the first djembe player. To stop the rhythm, the samesignal is . into a "signal to stop". To do this, one extra beat added,which canbe playedasa slapand For "Jansa", for example: Signal to stop Starting Signal )1- 11- 13EJ=: In some cases- "Dununba", for example - the stop signal is different from the start signal: Signal to stop Starting Signal 42- JANSA F rom the Kasonke ethnic group, originating the Kayes and Kita region of Mali. in The jansa is undoubtedly the most popular entertainment dance in Khasso.

The hand plays the drum on the skin opposite the one hit by the wooden drumstick, complementing the stick's playing. CD Track 24 . HAND HAND KASA Co rom the Maninka ethnic group, originating in the Kouroussa region of Upper Guinea. This rhythm is played to encourage farmers during sowing and harvesting. Konkoba, soro and dub on are other rhythms played along with the kasa. lJ. 03 "~}f8:J p~IIe:) osIe S! uedwo:):)e S! ql e 10 ~weu ~qt tou ~101~1~qt S! t! I~U01M S! eId S! L ~qt U! ; o' ':. s ~q~ U!

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