Alpha Force: Untouchable by Chris Ryan

By Chris Ryan

Set in Scotland, Alpha strength are aiding out on a survival outside experience vacation programme for challenge kids after they stumble throughout facts of an unlawful medicinal drugs laboratory, hidden excessive at the moors at the laird's land. High-speed chases with quad motorcycles and 4x4 automobiles throughout state besides survival talents like rafting, abseiling and climbing convey this l0th actionpacked event to the united kingdom with a dramatic storyline targeting one in every of state-of-the-art significant difficulties - clothier medicinal drugs and their manufacture.

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He really didn’t appreciate having to hang around in this tunnel. ’ It had the desired effect. ’ exclaimed Tiff. Paulo crawled on. Amber shut her ears and followed. At least they were all moving. ’ insisted Tiff. ‘Yes,’ said Li behind her. ’ ‘You guys are dangerous,’ said Tiff. ‘You give me bad equipment, then you take it away so I’ve got nothing. This is minging. We could all die down here and no one would know. ’ ‘We won’t die down here,’ said Alex patiently. ‘We told the local caving club we’d be coming down.

Alex obeyed, like a child. Hex knew he had to check first if Alex was in danger. He listened to his breathing. It was a bit fast, like someone who’d had a scare. It didn’t look as though his airway was about to close. Alex began muttering, ‘I’m so sorry. ’ Hex sat back and looked at him. Alex didn’t need a doctor – there probably wasn’t an antidote anyway and a doctor would just tell them to keep an eye on him. Alex hung his head. ‘We looked for so long. ’ Something was going on in Alex’s head, thought Hex.

The faces became still and stared at him, their dead eyes saying, Why did I die? Alex slowed to a walk. He put his hands over his eyes, but the images were inside his head; they wouldn’t go away. ‘We couldn’t save you all,’ he whispered. ’ Ahead of him was a lighted window. He had come to a building. It was golden and welcoming, a normal-looking thing. Maybe the light would chase these demons away. He stumbled towards it and peered in. Two men were inside. Their mouths and noses were covered by green surgical masks.

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