Animal Cell Technology. Developments, Processes and Products by R. E. Spier

By R. E. Spier

This ebook offers a cutting-edge record at the box of animal telephone know-how, a resource of reference for all these all in favour of the construction and use of animal phone items

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This indicates a higher transfection frequency for the plasmid containing retroviral sequences. On confluency in GHT minus medium the amount of rTPA from these initial plates was 15% higher than the one from control cells on GHT minus selective medium. A parallel population of cells selected in 30 nM Mtx, however, produced 7 fold more rTPA than the corresponding control population. Forty-eight clones were expanded in both cases and assayed for rTPA production. The percentage of clones expressing rTPA at different concentration ranges given on the x-axis are represented in Figure 5.

Transfection of recom­ binant BHK-21 cells producing IL-6 with myb or fos resulted in ap­ pearance of highly IL-6 productive clones. These results suggested that it would be possible to enhance exogenous protein productivities of animal cells by the use of specific promoter activating genes. INTRODUCTION Animal cells have been widely used for production of various kinds of bioactive proteins. However, one of the problems on the use of animal cells for production of exogenous proteins is that the productivity of animal cells is relatively low in spite of their potentialities.

M. et al. K. ABSTRACT An expression system based on amplification of the glutamine synthetase (gs) gene leads to high level expression of heterologous proteins in CHO and NSO cells. Two high copy number gs-CHO producer cell lines maintained high specific productivity in the presence of drug selection, but one was unstable in the absence of drug selection. A gs-CHO cell line with a single heterologous gene copy was found to be stable in the absence of drug selection. The gs-NSO system was found to be highly stable for two high-yielding cell lines producing recombinant antibodies in the presence or absence of drug selection.

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