Anthology of Philosophy in Persia: Volume 1: From Zoroaster by Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Mehdi Aminrazavi

By Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Mehdi Aminrazavi

The culture of philosophy within the Persian-speaking international is awfully wealthy, inventive and numerous. This anthology, that is divided into 3 volumes, goals to speak whatever of that richness and variety. The time period "philosophy" is known to in its widest experience to incorporate theological debate, philosophical Sufism and philosophical hermeneutics (ta'wil). Extending over a interval of greater than millennia, and showcasing translations by way of well-established students, the anthology bargains complete bibliographical references all through. For an individual drawn to exploring, in all their diversified manifestations, the attention-grabbing philosophical traditions of Persia, one of these wide-ranging and bold paintings could be an necessary source. quantity 1 starts off with the Zoroastrian interval and extends to the time of Biruni and Oma Khayyam, paying certain cognizance to the peripatetic institution linked to Ibn Sina (Avicenna). throughout the pre-Islamic interval philosophy was once intertwined with faith, and it's inside Persian spiritual texts reminiscent of the Gathas, the Denkard, and the Zoroastrian texts of the Bundahisn that philosophical discussions of topics starting from metaphysics to cosmology and eschatology are to be came across.

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And the reason was this that the Destructive Spirit could not be made powerless unless he was brought to battle. And the interpretation of battle (kārēčār) is this, that action (kār) must be performed with resourcefulness (čārōmandīh). (22) Then from Infinite Time he fashioned and made Time of the long Dominion: some call it finite Time. From Time of the long Dominion he brought forth permanence that the works of Ohrmazd might not pass away. From permanence discomfort was made manifest that comfort might not touch the demons.

The long tradition of philosophy in Persia thus reached the contemporary period and is in fact very much alive in Persia today, where it is undergoing another revival in Qum, the present religious centre of Persia, as well as in Tehran, Mashhad, and several other cities. The richness of the philosophical activity of the past four centuries is demonstrated by the major anthology of the philosophy of this period, in the original Arabic and Persian and not in translation, prepared by Henry Corbin and Sayyid Jalāl al-Dīn Āshtiyānī under the title Anthologie des philosophes iraniens, of which four volumes of some eight hundred pages each were published; the last three volumes, however, never saw the light of day as a result of the death of Corbin in 1978.

5. Both are limited and unlimited spirits, for the supreme is that which they call endless light and the abyss that which is endlessly dark, so that between them is a void, and one is not connected with the other; and, again, both spirits are limited as to their own selves. 6. And, secondly, on account of the omniscience of Aûharmazd, both things are in the creation of Aûharmazd, the finite and the infinite; for this they know is that which is in the covenant of both spirits. 7. And, again, the complete sovereignty of the creatures of Aûharmazd is in the future existence, and that also is unlimited for ever and everlasting; and the  creatures of Aharman will perish at the time when the future of existence occurs, and that also is eternity.

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