Araminta Spookie 4: Vampire Brat by Angie Sage

By Angie Sage

What is lurking within the basement? Araminta thinks whatever terrible is hiding within the deep, hidden passages of Spookie House—could or not it's a werewolf? Then Max, Uncle Drac's creepy nephew, arrives and Araminta is bound he is as much as no strong. Araminta comes up with a plan to determine what Max is up to—and additionally to trap the werewolf. yet will it paintings?

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Yes, it most certainly did, Miss Spookie. Ah, those were the days. ” Now that was interesting. “Indeed I did, Miss Spookie. It had injured its leg and been deserted by the wolf pack. I took it home and raised it myself. A wonderful companion. . ” Sir Horace sighed like he always does when he remembers the old days, which in his case are extremely old days. ” He suddenly stuck one foot out and put it on the next step. He looked very wobbly. ” I asked. “That would be most welcome, Miss Spookie,” said Sir Horace in a smiley kind of voice.

She was wearing black lacy socks and cute little black boots. I smiled at her and she kind of half smiled -45- back—I think. They all stood lined up in the hall and said nothing. The only sound you could hear was water dripping onto the floor. There was another crash of thunder and the front door suddenly slammed shut. Bang! Aunt Tabby and I jumped about three feet in the air. And then Uncle Drac’s mother spoke. “Well, Tabitha,” she said in a scratchy kind of voice. ” She did not exactly sound pleased about it, I thought.

He looked very wobbly. ” I asked. “That would be most welcome, Miss Spookie,” said Sir Horace in a smiley kind of voice. So I took his right arm—very carefully—and we got to the top of the stairs in no time at all. “Along here, if you please, Miss Spookie,” said Sir Horace, so I walked along with him to the little secret door under the attic stairs. Now I knew where Sir Horace was heading—he was going to his secret room. I helped him open the door and watched as he squeezed through, then I closed the door behind him.

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