Biblical Hebrew in Transition: The Language of the Book of by Mark F. Rooker

By Mark F. Rooker

The aim of this paintings is to figure out where of the publication of Ezekiel within the historical past of the Hebrew language, in particular in courting to the canonical books of the Hebrew Bible. The Hebrew of Ezekiel includes grammatical and lexical positive factors which are attribute of the postexilic and postbiblical sessions, and may therefore be wonderful from past Hebrew works of the classical interval. It doesn't, besides the fact that, include as a lot past due Hebrew as different canonical books deemed to be overdue. The e-book of Ezekiel may still hence be considered as the consultant mediating hyperlink among pre-exilic and postexilic Biblical Hebrew.

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Albright, "The Old Testament and the Canaanite Language and Literature', CBQ 7 (1945) 5-31; Yahweh and the Gods of 30 Biblical Hebrew in Transition diachronic studies was negligible as scholars naturally became preoccupied with the great finds at Ras Shamra. If the first great find of the twentieth century, the discovery of Ugaritic language at Ras Shamra, impeded the diachronic study of the linguistic layers within the Hebrew Bible, the subsequent discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls at Qumran catapulted Gesenius's and Kropat's earlier findings into sharper focus.

A7. More frequent use of the infinitive construct with 11 and "3 not preceded by ( f l ) "• H"" X A8. Repetition of a singular word = Latin quivis. A9. Merging of the third feminine plural suffix with the third masculine plural suffix. AID. Seldom occurrence of lengthened imperfect or cohortative in first person singular. All. TPIisrare. A12. Substantive occurs before the numeral and in the plural. A13. Increased use of the infinitive construct with *7. Bl. Order of material weighed or measured + its weight or measurement.

Moshe Goshen-Gottstein at a Symposium of the Hebrew Language at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on March 16, 1983. GoshenGottstein advocated approaching the linguistic study of Biblical Hebrew in reference to the distinctive quality of each biblical book rather than making generalizing descriptions about the language as a whole. 65. Language, 311-12. 66. Linguistic Evolution, 140. 20 Biblical Hebrew in Transition systematically incorporated into the speaker's use of the language, and thus should be spelled out in our grammatical descriptions.

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