Biblical & Near Eastern Essays (Library Hebrew Bible/Old by John F. Healey, Carmel McCarthy

By John F. Healey, Carmel McCarthy

This number of essays features a wide variety of themes reflecting the intensity and breadth of curiosity of the coed in whose honour they have been commissioned - Kevin J. Cathcart.

The critical concentration is close to jap, and covers more than a few philological, linguistic, exegetical, old and interpretative matters. The close to jap languages tested comprise Akkadian, Arabic, Aramaic, Ethiopic, Hebrew, Septuagintal Greek, Syriac and Ugaritic, whereas exegetical and text-critical subject matters comprise remedies of matters in Deuteronomy, 1 Kings, Isaiah, Amos, Psalms and the track of Songs. Hermeneutical and ancient essays contact on historic Israel's background and its interpretation, in addition to at the importance of such members because the consular reliable John Dickson, E.H. Palmer within the Cambridge Libraries, William Lithgow of Lanark, and the contribution to Semitic epigraphy of the explorer Julius Euting.

This is quantity 375 within the magazine for the research of the outdated testomony complement series.

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19 The 'uncircumcised'20 Philistines are westerners, incomers from the Mediterranean world, and it is their champion who proposes this novel—from an Israelite point of view—form of conflict resolution. 21 According to the biblical tradition, by the time of 1 Samuel 17 Israel had been a regular participant in conventional warfare. We are also reminded of the Homeric heroes in the exchanging of taunts that customarily was a part of this type of contest. 22 The relevant term in 1 Samuel 17 is the verb hërëp (vv.

What then of the accusation that there is a lack of evidence for sacred prostitution outside the Old Testament? The term qds(h) ('holy one'), which the Old Testament employs of the sacred prostitute, does not sound like a word which the biblical writers themselves would have invented for such an abominated role, but was probably taken over from the practitioners themselves. The Ugaritic texts actually employ the masculine plural expression qdsm a number of times in lists of occupations following the term khnm ('priests', cf.

Postgate in Weinfeld 1972:144 n. 89). Wilhelm concludes that in view of the earlier Nuzi text referred to above, there is no need to see such allusions to prostitution in connection with Ishtar in the Neo-Assyrian period as being accretions from later foreign influence (as Menzel did), since it was already part of her cult much earlier. 16 Biblical and Near Eastern Essays Temple prostitution is also attested even earlier in Mesopotamia in the Old Babylonian period. N. Postgate (1992: 312-13 n. L.

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