Bound by the Bible: Jews, Christians and the Sacrifice of by Edward Kessler

By Edward Kessler

Essentially the most recognized tales within the Bible is the account of the way Abraham's religion in God was once proven by means of a willingness to sacrifice his long-awaited son at God's command. This tale has been a resource of fascination for Jews and Christians over many centuries, and Edward Kessler deals an engrossing account in their interpretations. Explaining that neither the tale nor its interpretations should be understood independently, this ebook makes a helpful contribution to bible study.

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The same literary form The third indication of the existence of an exegetical encounter is the use of the same words, symbols and images, especially if the interpretations share the same extra-biblical descriptions. Clearly, the literary form can be chosen without recourse to another exegete’s interpretations, since the literary form includes telling stories, asking questions, offering instruction and so on. However, the third criterion is especially significant in the interpretations of exegetes such as Origen, who expressed concern about Christians attending synagogue, which increases the likelihood that they were aware of Jewish literary form.

Since the period under review is key to a proper understanding of the formation of Judaism and Christianity, as well as to Jewish–Christian relations, the existence of an exegetical encounter may have significance for today’s relationship. The study of biblical interpretation sheds light on relations not only in the past, but also in the present. Indeed, it may also have implications for the future relationship, because the bond of Scripture will always underpin Jewish– Christian relations. the criteria The following five criteria provide the basis for this study.

13 Jub. 16; 4Q225. 1–2. De Ab. 167. 16 Jdt. 27. g. Ecc. Rab. 4. Cf. Jas. 13. Jdt. 8:12. ); cf. ); Mk. ). 19 In order to consider this argument, it will be helpful to examine the LXX rendering of ‘your son, your only one, whom you love, Isaac’ (Adyjy ta Anb tbha r`a). The first point to notice is that the LXX equates ‘only one’ (dyjy) with ‘beloved’ (ˆgapht»v). 21 Further evidence of an overlap is provided by a number of Greek translations that also use monogenžv instead of ˆgapht»v such as Aquila and Symmachus.

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