Bove and Davis' Diving Medicine (Fourth Edition) by Alfred A. Bove, Jefferson Davis

By Alfred A. Bove, Jefferson Davis

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For example, an object 4 ft away appears to be 3 ft away if it is viewed directly forward with the mask lens perpendicular to the line of vision. However, distortion increases as the line of vision deviates from the perpendicular to the lens, and the object appears to grow larger. Divers adapt readily to this problem and, with experience, learn to adjust their hand-eye coordination and spatial visual judgments accurately. Restrictions of the visual field through the mask are annoying and are largely a function of the distance of the lens from the eye, the size of the nose, and the dimensions of the lens and the skirt of the mask.

Most gases, at conditions near STP behave according to Because measurement of the pressure and volume of a number of gases at different conditions clearly demonstrated that the simple ideal gas law was inadequate to predict observed behavior, it became necessary to modify the ideal gas equation. Near the end of the nineteenth century, the Dutch chemist Johanns van der Waals examined Chapter 2 the ideal gas equation and made the following assumptions: • At low pressures, the intermolecular attractive forces act to cause a decrease in pressure.

Because of their molecular makeup, different substances are capable of holding different amounts of heat. 0 cal/g C). The heat capacity of a particular substance is defined as the specific heat of the material multiplied by its mass. The higher the heat capacity, the more heat a substance can absorb and store. Substances like water or helium have high specific heats compared with air (Table 2–5), and thus divers in contact with water or helium lose more heat than they would in air. Heat capacities of gases are commonly listed at a specific temperature and pressure (usually 25°C at 1 atm pressure).

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