British Copper Tokens 1811-1820 by Paul Withers

By Paul Withers

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1866 Dec 3d New Haven Winchester Fire arms Co. • At a meeting held at the offices of Mess Winchester and Davies New Haven Present O F Winchester John M. Davies Mr. King Sup I A Bishop James Willson Mr. & Mrs. Tyler Win E Trendwald Bench Ed. Mitchell} Chas English} W B Pasdue Exn John English Sheldon Henry Hickes Geo G Bishop Whatever the reason for Winchester’s approach of the Colt company, negotiations continued into November, though no commitments were made at that time. By the beginning of December 1866, it was clear to Winchester that the fortunes of his company were sufficiently advanced to begin incorporation proceedings for the Winchester Repeating Arms Company.

Bottom: Plate 59 Detail of the sample Model 1866 Swiss Contract musket illustrated in Plate 58. Olin Corporation photograph. indd 57 7/12/04 2:50:51 PM WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS COMPANY Though the Trials Commission had recommended against the introduction of breech-loading rifles after their first set of trials in January 1866, due to the cost of the Winchester Improvement that had won that competition70, Oliver Winchester’s offer to sell the Swiss government rifles at the same price as the standard infantry rifle convinced the reconvened commission to approve the adoption of repeating arms71.

Since the potential investors needed to make that corporation a reality had to have good cause to invest their monies, it was essential that the company be in production of a successful and profitable model. indd 45 7/12/04 2:50:38 PM WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS COMPANY To stimulate public interest in the new model and hopefully guarantee a positive public reception of it, Winchester circulated printed descriptions, together with drawings, to a number of authors and newspaper editors during the late summer of 1866.

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