Carbonate Diagenesis and Porosity by G. V. Chilingarian

By G. V. Chilingarian

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Porosity modification by dissolution, cementation, and dolomitization is quickly accomplished and volumetrically very 26 THE NATURE OF CARBONATE POROSITY important. Diagenetic environments that are active within the eogenetic zone include: meteoricphreatic, meteoric vadose, shallow and deep marine, and evaporative marine. Each of these diagenetic environmentsand their importanceto porosity developmentand quality will be discussed in Chapters 4-9. The mesogenetic stage is the time interval during which the sediments are buried at depth below the major influence of surficial diagenetic processes.

14). Reservoirs at Coulommes field in the central Paris Basin, 35 km east of Paris, exhibit an average of 15% porosity developed in rhombic molds and interparticle porosity. A similar occurrence was described by Sellwood and others (1987) in the Jurassic Great Oolite reservoir facies in the subsurface of southern England (Fig. 15). SECONDARY POROSITY ASSOCIATED WITH FRACTURES 39 Secondary porosity associated with breccias Brecciation of carbonate rock sequences can occur in a number of situations, including: evaporite solutioncollapse,limestonesolutioncollapse (Fig.

The porosity modificationpotential of the meteoric environment is often enhanced by relatively rapid rates of fluid flow through the phreatic zone of the system (Hanshaw and others 1971; Back and others, 1979). Subsurface environment The subsurface environment is characterized by pore fluids that may either be a mixture of meteoric and marine waters (Folk, 1974), or a chemically complex brine resulting from long-term, rock-water interaction under elevated temperatures and pressures (Stossell and Moore, 1983).

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