Climate Sensitivity to Radiative Perturbations: Physical by Gerald L. Potter, Michael Fiorino (auth.), Hervé Le Treut

By Gerald L. Potter, Michael Fiorino (auth.), Hervé Le Treut (eds.)

Current weather versions diverge of their overview of world warming that would end result from the anthropogenic elevate in hint gases. it's because they fluctuate of their illustration of the hydrological cycle (water vapour, clouds, snow and sea ice, soil moisture) and since an instantaneous validation when it comes to sensitivity isn't attainable. oblique equipment and ways are consequently essential to determine the types successfully. The publication presents an outline on assorted validation techniques. using satellite tv for pc information is very stressed.

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Atmos. , 21, 361-385. 1. E. ScWesinger, 1994: Analysis of global cloudiness: 2. Comparison of ground-based and sateIlite-based cloud c1imatologies. J. Geophys. , 99, in press. , 1994: A Summary Documentation of the AMIP Model. PCMDI Report No. 18. Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA, 343pp. ·Schiffer, 1991: ISCCP cloud data products. Bull. Amer. Meteor. , 72,2-21. G. Wellemeyer, EE Eck. Y,M. Yeh and the Nimbus-7 Cloud Data Processing Team, 1988: Nimbus-7 global cloud climatology.

5~m radiances. 3. 1 Interdiurnal variations The cloud occurrence plays a large role in the mean cloud radiative forcing at the top of the atmosphere (TOA) and is in this respect as important as the micro physical characteristic of the cloudiness. One can thus obtain a correct monthly mean radiative impact of the cloudiness while the cloud variability is under or over estimated. This is illustrated on figure 1 for the "first guess" time series of modelled IR-EBBT compared to the observed time series.

This bias does not appear in the "long run" and is thus due to a "spin-up" problem during the analysis procedure. The probable overestimate of the cloudiness associated with moderate convective activity, and the spurious diurnal behaviour (maximum cloudiness close to noon) certainly acts strongly to underestimate the amount of solar radiation absorbed in tropical land regions during the analysis procedure. Concerning the "long runs", the diurnal phase of the cloudiness is better reproduced. The diurnal amplitude is however overestimated by the 48 operational scheme (1.

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