Clinical Drug Therapy Nursing by Anne Collins Abrams, Carol Barnett Lammon RN PhD, Sandra

By Anne Collins Abrams, Carol Barnett Lammon RN PhD, Sandra Smith Pennington RN PhD

The excellent significant other to Clinical Drug treatment, 9th Edition, this exemplary research device offers a wealth of actions to augment content material from the textual content. The actions accommodate many studying kinds and advertise the reader's skill to use info within the sufferer care setting.

Applying Your wisdom routines problem readers to enhance serious pondering abilities. studying the knowledge workouts extend the reader's knowing of drug remedy and boost perception approximately shopper educating wishes. NCLEX®-style multiple-choice and alternate-format questions provide possibilities to perform test-taking skills.

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In addition, several genetic variations of the cytochrome P450 drugmetabolizing system have been identified. Specific variations may influence any of the chemical processes by which drugs are metabolized. As another example of genetic variation in drug metabolism, some people lack the plasma pseudocholinesterase enzyme that normally inactivates succinylcholine, a potent muscle relaxant used in some surgical procedures. These people may experience prolonged paralysis and apnea if given succinylcholine.

The drug level continues to climb as more of the drug is absorbed, until it reaches its highest concentration and peak drug action occurs. Then, drug levels decline as the drug is eliminated (ie, metabolized and excreted) from the body. Although there may still be numerous drug molecules in the body, drug action stops when drug levels fall below the MEC. The duration of action is the time during which serum drug levels are at or above the MEC. When multiple doses of a drug are given (eg, for chronic, long-lasting conditions), the goal is usually to give sufficient doses often enough to maintain serum drug levels in the therapeutic range and avoid the toxic range.

Another interethnic variation is that Asians usually require much smaller doses of some commonly used drugs, including beta blockers and several psychotropic drugs (eg, alprazolam, an antianxiety agent, and haloperidol, an antipsychotic). Some documented interethnic variations are included in later chapters. Gender Except during pregnancy and lactation, gender has been considered a minor influence on drug action. Most research studies related to drugs have involved men, and clinicians have extrapolated the findings to women.

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