Collectors Banknotes 2008 Treasury and Bank of England by Christopher Henry Perkins

By Christopher Henry Perkins

Великолепный каталог банкнот Англии за период 1694 - 2008 гг. Описаны все банкноты Государственного банка Англии и Казначейства. Каталожные номера совпадают с другими известными каталогами. Впервые каталог выпускается полностью в цвете. Цены в каталоге даны соответственно в английских фунтах.

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They made one quite noticable ‘improvement’ to the British watermark, possibly so that they could accurately detect their own forgeries, particularly the top quality ones. Or, perhaps it was a cunning anti Nazi act by the team who laid the wires in the watermarking process. Or, perhaps even nothing more than a slight error. It is the one proven indicator which distinguishes the forgery from the genuine. The white/clear line in the watermark of the counterfeit notes points to the centre of the triangular serif at the foot of the first ‘N’ of ‘ENGLAND’.

O. S. Beale (1949 - 1955): RB106 1949 (Dec) LNN (M72 to Y70 without Q) M- N- - to X- - without Q Y- - RBS106 SPECIMEN £50 £90 £1800 RB106 £190 £180 £200 54 BANK OF ENGLAND NOTES from 1928 No. K. O’Brien (1955 - 1962): RB107 1955 (Jan) LNN (Y71 to Z99) Y71 Y- Z- - RBS107 RB108 £75 £65 £65 SPECIMEN Y71 000000 £160 £100 £110 £350 £190 £200 £1950 LNNL (A- -A to D- -A) A01A noted 2004 A- -A B- -A to D- -A RB108 £70 £850 £160 £160 £240 £220 55 BANK OF ENGLAND NOTES from 1928 Five Pounds - Helmeted Britannia / Lion and Key Series B - Blue/Green/Orange - 160 x 90mm - 6 5/16 x 3 9/16 in The Bank had decided to replace the Series A notes as far back as 1931, but various reasons, including WWII, the Chief Cashier (Beale at that time) not being too struck on the designs, and not to mention a minor disagreement with the designer, delayed their issue.

Fforde (1966 - 1970): RB77 1967 (Feb) LNNL (R01M to R53M, S01M to S72M, T01M to T04M and U01M - replacement notes) These serials overlap with the early Page One Pound notes. R- -M S- -M T01M T03M U01M RB78 £5 £9 £60 £12 £18 £300 £190 £300 £20 £30 £500 £500 LNNL (R01B to R99B, R01L to R99L and U01E to U45E) With small ‘G’ on reverse to indicate that these notes were printed on a Goebel machine. R- -B R01L R- -L R99L U01E U45E £3 £8 £90 £5 £45 £90 £15 £160 £10 £100 £160 - RB78 RB79 LNNL (N01M to N14M, T29M - T32M replacement notes) With small ‘G’ on reverse to indicate that these notes were printed on a Goebel machine.

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