College Algebra by John Coburn

By John Coburn

This school algebra textual content is written in a pleasant and a straightforward to appreciate demeanour with a view to aid scholars comprehend the idea that awarded. this selection mixed with plentiful examples, a variety of forms of workouts, and good concept out, real-world functions supply the scholar the precise instruments to be successful. there are particular positive factors and workout difficulties to include graphing calculator expertise for these , but the fabric is gifted in a manner in order that it can be skipped for these now not using know-how.

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When the endpoints are included, the relation is said to be nonstrict. The notation symbols used for nonstrict inequalities include the less than or equal to symbol 1Յ2 and the greater than or equal to symbol 1Ն2 . The decision to include or exclude an endpoint is often an important one, and many mathematical decisions (and real-life decisions) depend on a clear understanding of the distinction. C. The Absolute Value of a Real Number In some applications, our main interest is the size or magnitude of a number, rather than its sign.

0 7 Without computing the actual answer, state whether the result will be positive or negative. Be careful to note what power is used and whether the negative sign is included in parentheses. 63. a. c. 1Ϫ72 2 1Ϫ72 5 b. Ϫ72 d. Ϫ7 5 64. a. c. 1Ϫ72 3 b. Ϫ73 1Ϫ72 d. Ϫ74 4 Evaluate without the aid of a calculator. 121 65. Ϫ B 36 25 66. Ϫ B 49 69. What perfect square is closest to 78? 3 67. 1Ϫ8 3 68. 1Ϫ64 70. What perfect cube is closest to Ϫ71? 30 12 Coburn: College Algebra R. 1 The Language, Notation, and Numbers of Mathematics CHAPTER R A Review of Basic Concepts and Skills R–12 Perform the operation indicated mentally or using pencil/paper.

This is an example of the product property of exponents. PRODUCT PROPERTY OF EXPONENTS For any base b and positive integers m and n: bm # bn ϭ bmϩn In words, the property says, to multiply exponential terms with the same base, keep the common base and add the exponents. A special application of the product property uses repeated factors of the same exponential term, as in 1x2 2 3. Using the product property, we have 1x2 21x2 21x2 2 ϭ x6. Notice the same result can be found more quickly by # multiplying the inner exponent by the outer exponent: 1x2 2 3 ϭ x2 3 ϭ x6.

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