Concepts of Physical Fitness: Active Lifestyles for Wellness by Charles Corbin, Gregory Welk, William Corbin, Karen Welk

By Charles Corbin, Gregory Welk, William Corbin, Karen Welk

Strategies of actual health: lively life for wellbeing offers readers with self-management talents essential to undertake a fit way of life. This good confirmed textual content makes use of a confirmed conceptual layout, short thoughts instead of chapters, to supply info in an invaluable and concise method, and is prepared to target "process" or way of life adjustments with early assurance of making plans so scholars can practice the strategies instantly.

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4 3 2 1 15. I have a sense of purpose in my life. 4 3 2 1 Spiritual Wellness Total Wellness Self-Perceptions 1. Place an X over the appropriate circle for each question (4 = strongly agree, 3 = agree, 2 = disagree, 1 = strongly disagree). 2. Write the number found in that circle in the box to the right. 3. Sum the three boxes for each wellness dimension to get your wellness dimension totals. 4. Sum all wellness dimension totals to get your comprehensive wellness total. 5. Use the rating chart to rate each wellness area.

Prior to that time, you were considered to be “healthy” if you were not sick. ” Figure 2 illustrates the modern concept of health. This general state of being is characterized by freedom from disease and debilitating conditions (outer circle), as well as wellness (center circle). Wellness is the positive component of optimal health. Death, disease, illness, and debilitating conditions are negative components that detract from optimal health. Death is the ultimate opposite of optimal health. Disease, illness, and debilitating conditions obviously detract from optimal health.

Yes 11. I find time for family, friends, and things I especially enjoy doing. yes 12. I regularly perform exercises designed to relieve tension. yes 13. I do not smoke or use other tobacco products. yes 14. I do not abuse alcohol. yes 15. I do not abuse drugs (prescription or illegal). yes 16. I take over-the-counter drugs sparingly and use them only according to directions. yes 28. I avoid using products that have not been shown by research to be effective. yes 29. I recycle paper, glass, and aluminum.

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