Confectionery Fats Handbook. Properties, Production and by R.E. Timms (Auth.)

By R.E. Timms (Auth.)

Fats is the costliest part in confectionery corresponding to chocolate. it will possibly include of cocoa butter, milk fats, palm oil, lauric oil, unique fat, and so forth. This new instruction manual, with a good number of figures and tables, presents a accomplished consultant to all facets of confectionery fat, with specific emphasis at the later. in contrast to sugar confectionery, chocolate is a fat-continuous product and the sugar, just like the different non-fat elements, is only combined with the fats instead of melted/boiled. The homes of chocolate confectionery are hence decided regularly through the fats, which contains approximately 26-35% in a standard chocolate formulation.

The e-book describes the fundamental actual chemistry had to comprehend the houses of confectionery fat, analytical tools, uncooked fabrics, the creation and homes of confectionery fat, and their program in sugar and chocolate confectionery. It concludes with attention of laws and regulatory facets of manufacturing confectionery and of utilizing milk fats, cocoa butter and substitute fat including a bankruptcy on analytical equipment for detecting and quantifying confectionery fat. eventually, 4 appendixes supply: a thesaurus of phrases and abbreviations used; information of confectionery fats brands; info of confectionary fats items produced through those brands; and an inventory of web sites from different proper companies that the reader may perhaps locate helpful

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Confectionery Fats Handbook. Properties, Production and Application

Fats is the most costly part in confectionery akin to chocolate. it may well include of cocoa butter, milk fats, palm oil, lauric oil, unique fat, and so on. This new instruction manual, with various figures and tables, presents a complete consultant to all elements of confectionery fat, with specific emphasis at the later.

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The POSt β' → β transformation was relatively slow compared with that of StOSt. In a study of the kinetics of crystallisation of POSt and StOSt mixtures it was found that at a given supercooling StOSt had a growth rate nearly one order of magnitude larger than the growth rate of the binary mixtures. It has been suggested that the asymmetry of POSt acts as a ‘brake’ on the crystallisation (Rousset, Rappaz & Minner, 1998). A study of the crystallisation kinetics of the unstable polymorphs of the individual triglycerides POP, POSt and StOSt by DSC and polarised light microscopy has also been reported (Rousset & Rappaz, 1996).

Nucleation and growth rates were determined for a wide range of temperatures and some excellent optical micrographs of the α, β' and β polymorphs growing under different conditions are given in the paper. 46 CONFECTIONERY FATS HANDBOOK Various mathematical models have been applied to the kinetics of crystallisation, but it is not yet clear how applicable they are to practical applications or whether they add any new insights into the mechanism. A recent review and application of the Avrami and Fisher–Turnbull models to the crystallisation of palm stearin in sesame oil illustrates a common methodology (Toro-Vazquez, Dibildox-Alvarado, Herrera-Coronado & Charó-Alonso, 2001).

In another study (Desmedt, Culot, Deroanne, Durant & Gibon, 1990), the properties of EEE were compared with the properties of OOO, StStSt and other trisaturated triglycerides. Phase diagrams for StStSt+EEE, EEE+OOO and StStSt+OOO were constructed and it was concluded that the properties of EEE are intermediate between the properties of OOO and StStSt. Adding 5% EEE to StStSt accelerated the transformation of β' to β, which was attributed to EEE acting as an impurity and destabilising the β' polymorph.

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