Crown of Aleppo: The Mystery of the Oldest Hebrew Bible by Hayim Tawil

By Hayim Tawil

The authors supply a thrilling historic research of the origins and travels of the Aleppo Codex. It used to be the 1st time the Hebrew Bible (Tanach) was once codified and transferred from scrolls to a e-book shape. The authors hint the Codex from its origins in Tiberias and supply an knowing of the Masoretes. They cross directly to hint the background of the Codex’s improvement and the original annotation attributed to Aharon Ben Asher. In virtually a detective tale like model they weave within the distinct travels of the Codex to Egypt and its attainable connection to Maimonides. The Codex’s tale is stuffed with intrigue and secret because the authors talk about the query of the Karaites’ courting to the Codex and the way it was once transferred to Aleppo, Syria. It used to be broken in an assault at the nice Synagogue of Aleppo in 1947 following the UN choice to set up the country of Israel. In 1958 the Aleppo Codex arrived in Israel and used to be offered to then President Yitzhak Ben- Zvi. 2 hundred ninety-five of the 380 pages have survived and there are numerous questions about the lacking pages. even supposing misplaced within the pogrom they weren't destroyed through hearth and the secret continues.
Although a scholarly paintings, it is a interesting ebook that continues the reader’s awareness during the textual content. Bibliography, word list, index.

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34 Debates over the Crown have focused on three major questions: (1) Was the Crown indeed written by Ben Buya’a and notated by Ben Asher, making it as old as the dedication and tradition claim? (2) Was the Crown of Aleppo the codex consulted by Maimonides? (3) Were Ben Asher and Ben Buya’a Rabbanites or, as some have claimed, Karaites? Determining the Crown’s Authorship The question of the authorship and therefore the dating of the Crown was once hotly debated. The esteemed German biblical scholars Heinrich Grätz35 and Paul Kahle36 both accepted the tradition of the Aleppan Jews that the Crown was written by Ben Asher and Ben Buya’a, whereas the British scholar William Wickes37 did not.

In 1859, he sent the Imperial Library in St. Petersburg a detailed description of the manuscripts he had acquired, noting their importance and asking for 25,000 rubles in exchange for the collection. 82 40 Even after receiving word that the Karaites had achieved full civil and political rights in 1863, Firkovich continued his quest. He set out for the Middle East to acquire more manuscripts. On October 3, 1863, he landed in Jaffa, and from there he made his way to Jerusalem. Within a month, he was headed north, and on November 11, he entered the gates of Aleppo.

Evidence that Ben Buya’a and Ben Asher were Rabbanites has also been proposed by various scholars. They point out that the colophon to Shlomo Ben Buya’a’s codex found in Èūfut-Kale contains none of the textual code phrases Origins of the Crown and Its Significance Karaites typically used to indicate their affiliation. 74 Furthermore, if Ben Buya’a was a Rabbanite, Ben Asher was probably also a Rabbanite. Given the strained relations between the two groups at the time the Crown was written, it would be unlikely to find a Rabbanite scribe collaborating with a Karaite annotator on the manuscript.

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