Cyclometalation Reactions: Five-Membered Ring Products as by Iwao Omae

By Iwao Omae

This e-book presents a evaluate of cyclometalation reactions and organometallic intramolecular-coordination 5-membered ring items, the main energetic form of reactions in man made natural reactions and their items. incorporated is the invention of intramolecular-coordination bonds in cyclometalation reactions and the features of these reactions, in addition to the explanations that their 5-membered ring compounds are with ease synthesized via such reactions. additionally, the purposes of cyclometalation reactions and 5-membered ring items, man made purposes, catalysts, and different items are defined. those themes are of precise curiosity for commercial researchers.

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Since the 1970s, the author has compiled a great many articles on them and has published many reviews and a monograph, mainly on coordinating atoms such as N, P, As, O, and S and some coordinating groups, as described in the preface and Chap. 1. , π-coordination compounds and σ-coordination compounds. 3 as shown in Fig. 1. The former were reported in 1963 as the coordinating group and the latter in 1965 as the coordinating atom, respectively. 4 in Fig. 2 [1]. Examples of organometallic intramolecular-coordination compounds containing a coordinating atom, such as N [2], P [3–6], As [7], O [8], S [9], F [10], Cl [11], Br [12], I [13], and Se [14], and of some organometallic intramolecular-coordination compounds containing a coordinating group, such as π-vinyl [15], π-ally [16], cyclopentadienyl [17], and aryl [18], are shown in Figs.

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