Deltas: Sites and Traps for Fossil Fuels (Geological Society by Michael K. G. Whateley, K. T. Pickering

By Michael K. G. Whateley, K. T. Pickering

This quantity of 23 papers, comprising many features of contemporary and old deltaic sedimentary platforms, is meant as an summary of this topic for using scholars, lecturers and researchers alike.

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Morphology of a submarine slide, Kitimat Arm, British Columbia. Geology 10, 588-592. , WISEMAN, W. J. JR. & BRYANT, W. R. 1981. Submarine chutes on the slopes of fjord deltas, Nature 209, 326-328. RIDD, M. F. 1981. Petroleum geology west of the Shetlands. In: ILLING, L. V. & HOBSON, G. D. (eds) Petroleum Geology of the Continental Shelf of North-west Europe. Heyden, London, 414-425. SCHAFER, C. T. & SMITH, J. N. 1987. Hypothesis for a submarine landslide and cohesionless sediment flows resulting from a 17th century earthquaketriggered landslide in Quebec, Canada.

1983) and commonly A ~% \ ROTATIONAL SLIDE results in loosely packed metastable deposits of \ ~_~q3~ GRO~. FAULT well-sorted sands with high porosity. G'~ I'" v ~ _ / R E . O U L D E D ] ~ ~ / - " ~-~'~ /COMFORMABLE reducing their strength during, for example, (m)| ~~/ "--. ~ . ~ HEMIPELAGIC cyclic loading. Documented examples of the failure of such sands show that storm-wave (Prior .... ,ooo ~'-" ,~YE~ et al. ~ . __ commonly responsible. In fault-bounded basins, seismicity may also act as a trigger (eg Helmsdale, INTERPRETATION OF HUNTEC REMOULDED E Greenland and Brae).

F a r r o w 4~ 3~ 2~ 1~ W (Y' 1~ E ooo 2~ 3~ • I Act'vFauI e tEAST I Middte V o l g l a n - Ryazan~an 58 ~ 57 ~ Fxc. 1. Comparison of scale and tectonic elements in different basins: (a) Upper Jurassic of the North Sea including Helmsdale, the Moray Firth and the Brae fields (Ziegler 1975); (b) Upper Jurassic of E Greenland (from Surlyk 1978) (note the relationship to the modern fjordic coast); (c) an enlarged view of the Claymore field (from Turner et al. 1984) (cf(a)) for scale comparison with Knight Inlet, British Columbia, highlighted in Fig.

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