Development of Sea Urchins, Ascidians, and Other by Charles E. Ettensohn, Gary M. Wessel, Gregory Wray

By Charles E. Ettensohn, Gary M. Wessel, Gregory Wray

This publication offers a realistic consultant to experimental equipment for learning the improvement invertebrate deuterostomes as animal version platforms. The chapters offer precise experimental protocols that hide a huge variety of issues in glossy experimental equipment. issues coated variety from rearing embryos to the care of grownup animals, whereas additionally providing the fundamental experimental equipment together with gentle and electron microscopy, used to review gene expression, transgenics, opposite genetics, and genomic ways. * Covers quite a lot of tools, from classical embryology via glossy genomics* Discusses animals with regards to vertebrates, delivering a useful evolutionary standpoint* contains a useful consultant to using sea urchins within the instructing laboratory

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