Diffusion time and splitting of separatrices for nearly by Berti M., Bolle P.

By Berti M., Bolle P.

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A ballooned empty rectum may be found in patients with small-bowel obstruction. Alternatively, in patients with large-bowel obstruction due to severe constipation, a mass of impacted faeces is encountered. 26 Gangrene of great toe in an elderly patient with peripheral vascular disease who presented with rest pain. 25 Varicose veins. ). The prostate gland is examined through the anterior wall. Normally, it should be possible to move the rectal wall over the prostate gland. The median sulcus between the two lobes of the prostate gland is also palpable.

19 (a) Palpation of the spleen requires elevation of the left lower ribcage and flank as the abdomen is palpated with the right hand starting in the right iliac fossa, (b) When uncertainty remains as to whether a spleen is palpable, the patient should be positioned in the right semiprone position, as this results in anterior displacement of the organ. 20 The kidneys are examined by the technique of bimanual palpation. The technique for examining the left kidney is shown here. patient to contract the abdominal muscles.

6 Make sure the surroundings are as private as the environment will allow. 7 If the procedure requires sterile conditions, first unwrap your sterile pack and open any necessary items onto it, then scrub up and don gloves. 8 Try to talk to your patient throughout the procedure. 9 When the procedure is finished make sure the patient understands what has happened and is not suffering any discomfort. Always cover your patients and never leave them exposed to the rest of the ward. Basic Clinical Procedures Chapter 2 10 Make sure you have personally disposed of any sharp items you have used and removed any rubbish you have created.

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