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The reason a distant mountain looks smaller than a nearby tree is that your eye can only tell you the angular size of an object, not its actual size. The telescope gives a magnification much less than one (extreme “minification”), but an angular magnification much greater than one (typically from 20 to 500). 46 Chapter 3 Images Problems 1 The figure shows the cross-section of a funhouse mirror. Some of the normals are correct, and some are incorrect. Trace the figure, and mark the correct and incorrect ones.

A curved mirror There are only a few uses for a flat mirror. Figure f shows the more interesting case: an image made by a curved mirror. ) Because the mirror is curved, the reflected rays are bent back inward a little, and are not diverging as strongly as the incident ones were. The ray diagram in figure f shows that the image is farther from the mirror than the object. The techniques described above show that the image is still ↑↑, as with a flat mirror, but if we increase the object’s distance from the mirror by, say, 1 cm, then the image’s distance will increase not just by 1 cm but by some greater amount.

That means you’re looking at the ray that is passing on into the water, not the ray that comes back out into the air. One very simple test is to measure the angle t of the transmitted ray in the case where the incident angle i is zero. In this situation, what value of t is required by reflection symmetry? Try it. Now try a few measurements of i and t where i isn’t zero, and then redo the measurents with i on the other side of the normal. Do the results support reflection symmetry? Lab 2a: Time-Reversal and Reflection Symmetry 37 Lab 2b: Models of Light Apparatus laser plastic box protractor Goal Test a particle model and a wave model of light.

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