Isaiah XXI: A palimpsest by A. A. MacIntosh

By A. A. MacIntosh

Essentially the most vague passages within the booklet of Isaiah, bankruptcy 21 comprises oracles referring to international international locations. the writer offers extensive with the textual and linguistic difficulties offered by way of the textual content; he additionally considers the old history of the prophecy, the literary varieties involved and the traditions of interpretation in historical medieval and glossy instances. In learning those traditions, Mr Macintosh makes broad use of medieval Jewish commentators whose paintings isn't really as a rule on hand in English.

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Isaiah XXI: A palimpsest

The most imprecise passages within the booklet of Isaiah, bankruptcy 21 includes oracles pertaining to overseas countries. the writer offers extensive with the textual and linguistic difficulties offered by way of the textual content; he additionally considers the historic historical past of the prophecy, the literary kinds involved and the traditions of interpretation in old medieval and smooth instances.

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G. Duhm and Kaiser; the latter freely admits that it is not certain. 6 See Von Ugarit nach Qumran (Eissfeldt Festschrift; £ . 4 . W. Bei. 77), ed. J. Hempel and L. Rost (Berlin, 1958). THE TEXT AND ITS MEANING 23 twilight of my desire etc' is 'a strange mixture of phrases', and consequently he seeks to find a somewhat different meaning for the word f|tP2 by appeal to the Arabic cognate nsf. e. scarcely breathed) wish', rendering the sentence as a whole 'my faintest wish has been turned into anxiety for me'.

Xxx 15 means specifically 'covenant, fidelity' ('Vertragstreue') and naw (following Duhm) 'withdrawal from war' ('Abgewandheit vom Kampfe'). e. nm with third feminine singular suffix; for him the word denotes ' ease' and he takes the phrase nnm vCiD (KVD for ^3) to mean 'destroy (Babylon's confident) ease'. The difficulty arises, however, that nm in Isa. xxx 15 is used in a good sense, and nm * ease' is better attested in rabbinical Hebrew than in biblical. g. , Marti. 4 Friedlander's translation here is not followed precisely, as he has failed to understand ibn Ezra.

According to Galling, the correct denotation for a^&ns was obscured because cavalry, and horses bred specifically for the purpose, later became the norm in the Orient. , began to fade into the background, eventually to vanish, the distinction between paras ( = chariot horse) and parras (with geminated resh 1 ), to which the Massoretic O^ttHB bears witness, was coined {parras with the meaning 'trooper'). e. to the time of the Persians. If, as seems probable, Galling's views2 are substantially correct the use of the terms in this verse may be important as evidence for the dating of the prophecy.

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