Michelangelo: Painter, Sculptor, And Architect (Makers of by Tim McNeese

By Tim McNeese

His accomplishments from sonnets and love poems to the main recognized sculptures, work, and constructions ever created.

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A goat. d. a soldier. 37 Michelangelo 38 To learn more about the human form, Michelangelo visited a. an art school. b. a hospital. c. the Olympic Games. d. a gymnasium. ANSWERS: 1. b; 2. a; 3. c; 4. a; 5. b 5 The Heart of a Sculptor y late August 1498, Michelangelo was already B under contract to sculpt a monumental work of art. The contract was clear and straightforward. It identified the statue Michelangelo was to complete as the Pieta. ” 14 39 Michelangelo 40 The artist was to be paid in gold ducats from the Vatican mint, and the clock was ticking on the project.

Angels surrounding Christ 3 Michelangelo frequently visited stone quarries for what reason? a. To select the best piece of marble b. To plan his next sculpture c. To recruit stonecutters as his assistants d. To pray for inspiration 4 After leaving Rome in 1501, Michelangelo traveled to a. Florence. b. Venice. c. Germany. d. Spain. The Heart of a Sculptor What was “The Giant”? a. Michelangelo’s most famous sculpture b. A block of marble left from another artist’s unfinished sculpture c. A painting that inspired Michelangelo d.

16 He had in mind a highly emotional work. Mary would have Jesus stretched across her lap after being pulled from the cross. She would be young, even younger looking than Jesus himself. Her face would not show grief, but she would look content, as if accepting her son’s sacrifice. To place Christ across Mary’s lap and yet help keep Mary’s face as the focus of the sculpture, Michelangelo had to make the Virgin larger than life—literally. Although Jesus lying down was the size of an adult man, Mary, if she could have stood up, would have been at least seven feet tall.

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