Model Trains. The Collector's Guide by Chris Ellis

By Chris Ellis

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J^^M for children in tine first instance, adult in- terest was there from the start. Indeed, only reasonably affluent people could afford the below: Cast iron construction became popular in America, and here are two early models by Ives in that material. most superior models offered by BassettLowke and others since their price well exceeded the average monthly wage. In 1909 Bassett-Lowke started the first magazine aimed at model railway enthusiasts. Models, Railways, and Locomotives, edited by Lowke himself and Henry Greenly.

War, most of the Though Meccano right: Hornby cardboard point-of-sale use in shops marked the application of advanced marketing techniques in 1937. These are replicas, but collecting this sort of promotional material a specialized aspect of is the hobby. In front of the adverts widely-sold is the gauge M3 0-4-0 tank engine which, in different finishes, remained in the range until Hornby gauge production ceased in the 1960s. 34 LNWR, MR, and GNR companies. Further colors came later (blue for CR, brown for LBSCR), plus some export models marked for French into a large purpose-built factory at Binns advertising stands for and ^€(9^^- MODELS FOR THE MASSES Hornby produced a cheap tin printed clockwork train which was a very to close copy of the cheapest Bing products, as makers).

The tank engine was replaced with a modern-looking 4-4-2T (No 2 Special Tank). Much less satisfactory from an aesthetic point of view were the No 3 engines, 4-4-2 express types based on a French design and introduced for a French 'Blue Train" set, but also finished in 'Big Four" British colors, one for each regional company. These models. Royal Scot, Flying Scotsman, Lord Nelson, and Caerphilly Castle still baffle newcomers today since they bear no resemblance to the famous locomotives whose names they carry.

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