Pro Android Augmented Reality by Raghav Sood

By Raghav Sood

Augmented truth (AR) offers a live direct or oblique view of a actual, real-world atmosphere, the place the weather and surroundings are augmented by means of computer-generated sensory enter similar to snap shots and GPS facts. It makes a online game extra actual. Your social media app places you the place are looking to be or go. 

Pro Android Augmented truth walks you thru the principles of establishing an augmented fact software. From utilizing a number of software program and Android sensors, reminiscent of an accelerometer or a magnetometer (compass), you'll examine the construction blocks of augmented truth for either marker- and location-based apps.

Case reports are integrated during this exclusive booklet, which pairs well with different Android improvement books. After reading Pro Android Augmented fact, you'll be capable to build augmented reality rich media apps or integrate all of the best augmented reality into your favorite Android telephone and/or tablet.
What you’ll learn
* the way to use such a lot Android cameras
* how to define the user's place with GPS facts
* the right way to realize move and orientation of the machine
* the way to application opposed to the accelerometer and compass
* the right way to use the AndAR library in marker attractiveness
* easy methods to create a man-made horizon to your app
* find out how to combine the Google Maps API into AR apps
* the way to construct enterprise augmented reality apps utilizing the case reports during this ebook
Who this publication is for
This publication is for Android builders acquainted with Android programming, yet new to the digital camera, accelerometer, magnetometer and building augmented reality applications quite often.

Table of Contents
* Applications of Augmented fact
* fundamentals of Augmented truth at the Android Platform
* including Overlays
* man made Horizons
* different positive factors of Augmented fact
* an easy App utilizing AR
* A extra complicated undertaking utilizing extra AR beneficial properties
* A venture utilizing All AR positive aspects
* An AR online game

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