Secondary Education. Techniques of Teaching by A. D. C. Peterson

By A. D. C. Peterson

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Aids H u t c h i n s o n , 1960. in the Teaching of 51 THE T E A C H I N G OF MATHEMATICS 3. A S S O C I A T I O N O F T E A C H E R S O F M A T H E M A T I C S , Film and Filmstrip List, A . T . M . , rev. e d . , 1963. 4. B O O N , F . C , A Companion to School Mathematics, L o n g m a n s , 1960. 5. D I E N E S , Z . P . , Building up Mathematics, H u t c h i n s o n , 1960. 6. F L E T C H E R , T . , ( E d . ) , Some Lessons in Mathematics-, C a m b r i d g e , 1964. 7. G A T T E G N O , C , For the Teaching of Mathematics, Educational Explorers, 1963.

The imagination can be harnessed by such devices as allowing pupils to illustrate words in a word-book, or poems or verse learnt. On the other hand, some pupils may only assimilate knowledge after a period of reflection and analysis, which will require to be assisted by writing in the foreign language. The teacher's task is to ensure that all such faculties are brought into play, and each pupil is appropriately stimulated. One other general question remains: which foreign languages should be taught?

L a n g u a g e s a r e learnt by using t h e m . . R e g a r d b e i n g paid t o t h e limited t i m e at the t e a c h e r ' s disposal, practice in t h e u s e of t h e foreign l a n g u a g e s h o u l d b e o r a l . T h e t e a c h e r s h o u l d a i m in t h e first place at t e a c h i n g his pupils t o s p e a k t h e foreign l a n g u a g e . . learning t o s p e a k a l a n g u a g e is t h e s h o r t e s t r o a d t o l e a r n i n g t o r e a d a n d write it. ( M i n i s t r y of E d u c a t i o n P a m p h l e t N o .

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