Small Arms by Frederick Wilkinson

By Frederick Wilkinson

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Most collectors would agree that specialisation tends to develop gradually and the theme selected is seldom deliberately chosen. Perhaps some association, form of design, or mechanism will strike a response and from this point on all other items are eschewed. Whether the collector specialises or not the procedure on new item be the same. In general the a close examination. This will enable the collector to decide just how much cleaning or restoration is likely to be needed. Having decided on this the weapon should be stripped down to its component parts, but no matter how familiar one is with the type of weapon care should be taken and the whole operation done carefully and methodically.

Colt's London a point of advertising his patent-leather and cartridge box. Contrary to general belief the flap or strap which majority of belt holsters were fitted with a buttoned across the top of the holster ensuring that the revolver would not be shaken out. During the eighteenth century the usual containers in which were sold were small cloth bags, often mentioned in contemporary accounts. Towards the end of the century and pistols especially during the nineteenth, sell the weapons in it became common practice wooden boxes.

From The ^^heelIock mechanism made great demands on the mechanical skill of the gunsmith who had to fashion each part by hand, temper his own springs, for^e his barrels and probably make the stocks as well. For the nobility's guns he called upon the services of engravers, goldsmiths, silversmiths and artists to draw up his designs. He, like the armourer, probably had tlie use of some water-powered machinery, but the great majority of his work was done by hand. In Britain details of the early ^unmakinsr industry - prior to the seventeenth century - are \erv scarce.

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