Tom Swift and His Atomic Earth Blaster (The fifth book in by Victor Appleton II

By Victor Appleton II

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Rails were provided to guide the machine on its take-off. Mr. Swift studied the drawing carefully. "I believe this will do the trick, all right, son," he commented. "Of course your machine will only have room for a bare minimum of sheathing around the atomic pile, and that will make things much more difficult. " Tom nodded thoughtfully. " He went on to describe the remote90 TOM SWIFT AND HIS ATOMIC BLASTER control system by which he planned to operate the machine. "By the way, Tom," added Mr. " CHAPTER 10 A CRUCIAL TEST AS TOM LOOKED ON, puzzled, his father beamed open the top desk drawer and drew out a piece of paper which was covered with strange mathematical symbols.

Dad! " "Right, son. " The first such message had been sent by a black, meteorlike missile from outer space, which had landed with pinpoint precision on the grounds of the Swift Enterprises experimental station. Later messages had been received while Tom was conducting the first successful rocket flights. Some of these messages had saved Tom and Bud from deadly peril while they were rocketing on an orbital course around the earth. " asked Tom. "Not completely. I thought we might work on it together, if you can spare the time.

He hissed. " Bud tensed. " CHAPTER 7 A BOLD OFFER THE NOISE they had heard was that of a boat bumping against the concrete wall near the entrance to the passageway. Judging from the sounds that followed, whoever was aboard was now debarking. Tom reached out and grabbed Ames and Bud by the arm. " he whispered. "Just before the light went out, I noticed a recess in the left-hand side of the passage. " Quickly turning to the left, they began groping blindly. " Tom exclaimed softly. The other two joined him in squeezing into the narrow space.

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