Twisted Journeys 2: Escape from Pyramid X (Graphic Universe) by Dan Jolley, Matt Wendt

By Dan Jolley, Matt Wendt

The mummies of Pyramid X are at the move--against you! how can you get away? each Twisted Journeys(tm) photo novel allows you to keep an eye on the motion by way of making a choice on which route to persist with. Which twists and turns will your trip take?

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But when you emerge you’re suddenly grabbed and forced down to the ground! Your hands are twisted around and handcuffed. The Egyptian cop hauls you to your feet. ” You look around and see the other thieves nearby, also cuffed. ” As you’re taken away in the police car, you can’t help but think: Your parents are going to be so disappointed in your behavior on this trip. THE END 35 You’d love to get out of here. Those thieves scare you to pieces. But that sarcophagus just looks incredibly cool.

Maybe something around the mummy’s throne? But as you get closer to the throne . . the mummy’s head turns! You’re not imagining it—it’s really moving. The mummy raises one hand toward you . . 48 Go on to the next page. supposed to re a s ie m m u M ? g ovin How is this thing m e it’s a hoax, but you’re not sure. mayb be dead! Maybe . Will you . . . frantically try to clim b back up the chute you fell down? Tu r n to pa g e 7 0 . . confront the mummy and demand an explanation? Tu rn to pa ge 34 .

THE END 47 You reach a hand out. Mummy? Cat? Coffin? Well, you are in Egypt. In a pyramid. Shouldn’t you be doing something with mummies? You press the mummy symbol and hear a sharp click. And suddenly you’re falling! The floor has given way! You’re zooming down a chute of some kind, leaving the pedestal and the thieves far behind you. The chute dumps you out in a dimly lit room . . . and there’s a mummy sitting on a golden throne right in the middle of it! You get to your feet. It’s okay—it’s just a mummy, right?

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