Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology [electronic resource]: A by Ulrich Schiefer, Helmut Wilhelm, William Hart, W. Hart, W.F.

By Ulrich Schiefer, Helmut Wilhelm, William Hart, W. Hart, W.F. Hoyt

This ebook covers all suitable options of analysis in addition to interpretations of medical indicators in medical Neuro-Ophthalmology. All details is extremely dependent, highlighting ‘definition’, ‘note’ and ‘pearl’, in order that it might even be utilized by the health professional in the course of the sufferer come across. The integrated movement chart posters remind the health care provider of an important info. extra, the accompanying lively CD includes: the entire textual content passages in a searchable structure, interactive case demonstrations, lively sequences of medical symptoms and video recordings of scientific examinations. This certain and sensible consultant bargains beneficial and functional suggestion for physicians treating sufferers with neuro-ophthalmic problems.

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The optic nerve has a floppy, sinusoidal course within the orbit, which allows the globe to rotate at high speeds and with minimal inertia. The optic nerve has an intraorbital length of 20 to 30 mm, an intracanalicular length of 3 to 8 mm, and an intracranial length of 3 to 16 mm. At the posterior extreme of the optic nerve, the afferent visual pathway acquires a new name, the chiasm, as the optic nerves merge with one another. • Pearl The optic nerve is particularly susceptible to damage by space-occupying lesions within the optic canal.

The lenses should include an age-corrected addition for the distance between eye and cupola surface and a correction for any astigmatic error of one diopter or more. To keep the spherical lens as thin as possible, cylinders of both plus and minus series should be available. 0 cyl | 160°. 3. Fine-tuning of the near correction can profit from the patient’s input, and the power of sphere and cylinder used for the test should be recorded. 39 Chapter 4 U. Schiefer, J. Schiller, W. 3. Perimetric corrections for near (rules of thumb) Outside of the central 30° of field: l No correction Within the central 30° of field: l Sufficient correction for the test distance, depending on the cupola radius of the perimeter l Lenses with very narrow rims l Correction for astigmatic errors of one full diopter or more Near addition for patients starting at ages 35 to 40 years (in case of a cupola radius of 33 cm): l Age 35 to 50 years: use an addition of +1 diopter sphere l Age 50 to 60 years: use an addition of +2 diopters of sphere l Age over 60 years: use an addition of +3 diopters of sphere Controls for the Quality and Plausibility of Perimetric Results Controlling Fixation The examiner should maintain direct and continuous supervision by means of a telescopic sight or video monitor.

1. 2). The stimulus is projected onto a matte surface of uniform light intensity that serves as an adapting background. 6 a). An angular velocity of 4°/s is regarded as an optimal compromise between spatial resolution on the one hand and examination duration on the other. 6 a). Each isopter is tested within at least eight evenly spaced meridians, with stimuli moving from the periphery toward the center of the visual field. By choosing appropriate stimulus sizes and luminous intensities, the hill of vision’s (conceptional) three-dimensional shape and size can be documented by plotting the various isopters.

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