Radiologic Clinics Of North America High Resolution CT of by David A. Lynch

By David A. Lynch

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Prone HRCT scans allow dependent density 52 AKIRA to be differentiated from true disease. 2, 22 TALCOSIS Talc is a hydrated magnesium silicate with the formula Mg 3 Si 4 O 10 (OH) 2 , although calcium, aluminum, and iron are always present in variable amounts. Talcosis can produce several radiographic appearances: a nodular pattern resembling silicosis or mixed dust fibrosis, including, in some cases, large opacities; a diffuse interstitial pattern, simulating asbestosis; or a combination of nodular and linear patterns (Fig.

Naidich et al42 described a similar curvilinear line in CT findings of interstitial diseases and interpreted the line to be caused by the thickened secondary lobular septa. Pilate et al46 reported that lipoidal filling subpleural curvilinear line was seen after lymphography. They suggested that a subpleural curvilinear line might correspond to the normal subpleural lymphatic network. Also, Arai et al10 reported two cases of transient subpleural curvilinear line caused by pulmonary congestion. Parenchymal bands are linear densities from 2 to 5 cm in length coursing through the lung, usually to contact the pleura (Fig.

23 Panacinar Emphysema Irregular Emphysema Panacinar emphysema ([PAE] Fig. 23 This subtype of emphysema tends to be worse in the lower lobes and may accompany the CAE in cigarette smokers. It should be noted that as the emphysema becomes severe in a given patient, it becomes difficult to distinguish PAE from CAE. 23 This form of emphysema is often mixed in nature and may have some features of two or three of the recognized subtypes of emphysema previously noted. Distal Acinar Emphysema Clinical Manifestations Distal acinar emphysema ([DAE] Fig.

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